Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Bon Voyage!

Well my sister is on her way to India and she is taking most of Canada with her.

I realize that India is a foreign country, but it is not another planet. She spent the week buying non perishable food items, and stuffing them in her bags. She often goes over the top, but we love her anyway.

She is staying at a five star hotel for Pete's sake, I think they will have toilet paper. Or maybe not. I know this image would upset my sister to no end. So lets not show it to her, ok?

At any rate, this would disturb her even more.

She also is wired to the teeth with electronics. Laptop, webcam, digital camera. She is freaked out cuz she can't get a cell phone that will work in India.

"Adele, they have phones in India." (I should know, I talk to India every single day, unfortunately.)

Take last night, for instance. Tech from XP calls in, the case is for Outlook, he wants me to redirect him. I explain to him that he should have just called through to Outlook instead of waiting on hold with the customer(approx. 10 minutes)to speak to me. I am getting the transfer code for him and he gets all superior with me.

"This case is not to come back to XP for any reason."

"Excuse me?"

"I want your company alias."

"I got your company alias..."

I don't know who the fuck you think you are, but I know what goes into XP tech training. You have no degree, or fancy title. You have no power here little man! Good luck getting through again, enjoy the hold music, asshole!


kelly said...

stupid techs like that make the half decent ones look bad

nadine said...

OH my God.. what is she doing over there???????

God bless her.. and she will need/use/consume those food items!! and i hope she brought a spoon too.. as they don't use them there either!