Sunday, February 19, 2006

But I do hate you 'cuz your beautiful.

Emily's recent purchase made me think of this.

I am just coming off a 13 hour back-shift. I am dead tired, standing in line at the drug store, waiting patiently to pay for my coffee cream so I can get the fuck home before I drop. When up comes a couple of perky 20 something blondes.

One hands me a can and (in unison)they say, "Compliments of Red Bull!" They are way too happy and perky. I have an uncontrollable urge to snap their necks. I could do it too, neither of them were a hundred pounds soaking wet.

The cashier and I are stunned into silence. They smiled, waved and hopped into this:

"I can't believe I went to college, and the Boobsey Twins there get to make a fortune riding around in that, looking cute and passing out cans of caffeine for a living."

The cashier looks at me with a blank stare, "I have a bachelors degree, I want them to die in a fiery crash."

We are both going straight to hell.

And how was your day?


Sherri said...

NO fear. They will end up a first trophy wife for some small dick, big ego guy who will divorce them for a later model as soon as their sun soaking ways reveal a wrinkle or a stretch mark. They'll get the older car, all the kids, and have to find a real job for which they have no qualifications.

And no one will hire them to drive the Red Bull Wagon anymore.

Evel said...

Ya, a girl can dream eh?