Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Time for your meds, Dave.

Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Customer Service Center� my name is ....blah blah blah...

A little girl, sing-song voice comes on the phone, that is clearly not coming out of a little girl, "I took my medicine."

�That�s nice, Dave.�

Dave is a regular at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center� when he is not on his meds, he is very irate. So I guess he was just letting me know that he was ok tonight. I know he has a computer, and he does have a problem with it, but when he is off his meds, he is pretty much incoherent and ranting, and when he is on his meds, it goes more like this.

�Are you having a problem with your computer, Dave?�

�I took my mmmmmeeeedddddiiiiiiiiiccccccciiiiiinnnnnneeeee!�

�Cool, Dave. Are you having a problem with the compute tonight?�

�Do you take medicine, Evel?�

�No, Dave. I do not take medicine.�

�I take Prozac, do you take Prozac?�

�No, Dave, but I heard it was one of the better ones.�

Most of the rest of the conversation is pointless and eventually I hang up.

Amanda got him tonight, Now remember,,, little girl voice.

�You know what my boyfriend bought me?�

Amanda is trying to get him to tell her if he has a problem with his computer, but he isn�t giving up.

�Ok, Dave. What did your boyfriend give you?�

Fits of laughter, �Two thaaaaaawwwwwnnngs.�

Amanda hooks him, I ask her, �Well? Did you at least find out what color?�

She is no fun at all.

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