Friday, January 16, 2004

Ok, Christmas is finally over.

I know, I know. It was over long ago. But today I finally took down the rest of the decorations. Your saying, "Slacker!" and you are right. And the only reason it is getting done now is to keep me from butchering getting rid of my cats.

I don't know if you remember the two demon adorable kittens I had have, but today they broke me, and I threw them, one after another, out through the broken window in the door (courtesy of the boy) over the railing of the deck to the driveway below.

As they were flying through the air I heard (in my head) "PULL!" and wished to god I had a shotgun. I am just hoping now that after a couple of hours outside in -31 wind chill, I can just shovel them up and take them straight to the taxidermist.

Don't give me that look! For some reason, known only to them, they think that the only place to shit in the universe is on, under or beside my papasan chair.

(This is not exactly the same as mine, but you get the idea)

And if someone is dutifully watching said chair, any towel on the floor is fair game. Pick up the towel you say? Tell that to the boy!

Any cat lovers out there better send me some suggestions, other than snapping their necks, cuz I have Dave's Taxidermy on speed dial.

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