Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Current Wallpaper.

Tell me, can you look at this with a straight face?

This is my wallpaper as well as my screensaver at work, and every time I see it (so far) I crack up. That, of course, generates curious stares from my co-workers. Has she finally cracked?

Tell me. How can you possibly be in a bad mood, laughing like an idiot? And so far, no one, not even Amanda can look at it with a straight face.

In fact last night she tried. We are both sitting there staring at it. The simple fact that we were trying to do it made me crack. Then Amanda said that if you stared at it too long you could see its lips move. (ok, so she was starting to scare me a little.)

I have just solved the disgruntled employee problem. Thankyou, I'm here all week.

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