Tuesday, January 20, 2004

All by my seeeeeelllllfff!

JEZUS! Enough with the singing. Last night I was working alone. Ok, so I wasn't the only one working but the two people I talk to the most were both AWOL. One was on "vacation" (who takes one vacation day?) the other was "sick".(Ya right) They left me, alone, with nothing to do. The people we usually make fun of were in rare form and I couldn't even ridicule them. Well I could have, but were is the fun in that? I need a laugh track.

Anyway, I will relate a story from another night....when the laugh track was present.

There are a couple of guys in our row. Not children, grown men. Who are very much into Dungeons and Dragons. One actually speaks the language. I want to call it Dragonian but I think that is it Draconian, or something. I am always asking them (as if I am interested) if they have to use funny voices when they play or if they dress up in costume.

Well this night, they were having a heated discussion about some stupid D&D thing. I tried to tune them out because, hey, sometimes it is just way too easy. When one of them gets up and says, rather dramatically,

�You would NOT catch me dead, sir, on Loyalist land!�

I turn, almost like I was not in control of myself, and said �Because THAT, my friend would just be WRONG!�

Amazingly he didn�t catch the sarcasm because as he was stalking away he added, �You got that right, sister!�

D&D is some serious, albeit ridiculous, stuff/

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