Saturday, January 17, 2004

Dr. Phil would have a field day.

I don�t know if it�s the cat thing, or my period starting but I am feeling evil today. I thought I would share something with you.

Every single time I go into the bathroom I am faced with one of two things. Either the seat is up, or the boy has pissed all over it. Now, the boy has taken to hanging his favourite sweater on the hook in the bathroom. When he pisses on the seat, I take the sweater off the hook, wipe the seat with it and put it back. And I don�t tell him. (insert evil grin)

I don�t know if the boy reads the blog but he should. After all, it may be helpful for him to know how utterly insane his mother really is.

Your right, better he doesn�t know. The element of surprise and all that.

That reminds me of a conversation we had:

THE BOY: He is eating his supper, �You know what I hate about you?�
ME: �The fact that I spit in your food?� The look on his face is worth the cost of his potential therapy.
ME: �Relax, will ya. I don�t spit in your food.� He sighs. �Only in your drinks. I put snot in your food.�

He chases me into my room where I am laughing hysterically.

June Cleaver, I ain�t.

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