Friday, January 30, 2004

I can�t win for losing.

I am sitting at my cube Wednesday night, bored, so I decide to read my mail. Not email, actual mail, yes I still get actual mail.

Anyway, I open up one of those fun brown government envelopes and it�s a copy of an order sent to my bank. WTF? Seems the government has seen fit to inform the bank that I owe back taxes. And would they be so kind as to forward all moneys to said government, thanks so much, kisses.

So, since it is Wednesday night, it is too late to stop my pay check from going into the bank. Great! They are going to take the whole thing. (such as it is) There goes my rent and my car payment. Not to mention the fact that the boy�s birthday is on Tuesday.

Doesn�t it seem that the government just doesn�t want a person to get ahead?

The reason my taxes got so backed up was that I was self employed for a lot of years. When you are self employed you don�t send taxes in weekly like taking it off your pay check. You wait till the end of the year and are hit with a huge bill for income tax and pension plan.

The first year wasn�t so bad, and I made payments throughout the year, but the second year killed me. It more than tripled. WTF? Then I decided to start up selling a particular �Pink� kind of make up. Primarily because of the tax write off potential. Unfortunately, not being a very feminine person, I couldn't sell it to save my life, so it basically just drained me.

Anyway, long story short, its up there in the thousands (although not enough thousands to declare bankruptcy, I checked) so I decided that it would be better to have a �real� job that took the governments cut off the top and paid them weekly. But before I could ask the �boss� to put me on the books, he fired me. (another long story)

So, I am 4 months without work before starting up at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center� but still paying on my taxes. Even though the government has several post dated checks they decide now to eliminate the middle man (that�s me) and just go straight to the bank.

I spent all day today trying to get through to the asshole person named in the letter from the government, fully prepared to rip him a new one, but could not get said asshole person on the phone.

I wonder how they expect me to live if they take my entire pay check?

�That�s ok, Mr. Asshole, I will just quit my job and go on welfare and you can pay me.�

Sounds like a plan.

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