Thursday, January 15, 2004

Half way to 70!

So, I am talking to the geek today.
Disclaimer: I call him the geek because I don't want to name him and he knows absolutely everything there is to know about computers. I don't consider geek a derogatory term because I wish desperately that I was one.

Anyway, I digress.

I am talking to the geek today. "The fan on my motherboard is making a sound, slowing down and speeding back up. That can't be good right?"

He proceeds to talk to me like I am an idiot, he does this a lot. (I know it is a bad thing,,,,,,I was trying to be funny.) What I was really saying, if he would just read between the lines, is: What do they cost and where I can get one? And more importantly, do you have one and will you put it in for me?

His girlfriend is in the background, have I been on messenger yet? No, why? Never mind, he says and giggles, �I�m not telling�.�.

Ok, what am I missing? I go on messenger. I look around, what should I be seeing? I do notice that his name is changed to �Half way to 70� could that be it? Can�t be. Ok, I�ll bite. �What am I looking for?�

�Oh, I am soooo putting a crayon comment on your blog!� Ok, so it is something I am missing that is completely obvious.

The girlfriend in the background says, �Why do you talk to her like that? You don�t treat me that way.�

�That�s why you are still the girlfriend�, I say. If he talked to her like that she would have beaten him to a quivering mass of jelly long ago.

Ok, maybe it is the name. �What does half way to 70 mean?�

�What is half of 70?�



�Are you 35 today, G.r.o.g?�
Apparently the date of his birth is right up there with Christ, he can�t believe I didn�t know it.


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