Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Who Shit in Your Cornflakes?

I get into work this morning at 8:49am (I guess it's yesterday morning now) and my boss has a shitty on. Not an uncommon occurrence.

I�m thinking he probably got up around 7ish. So what could have possibly happened in that time to make him so irritable? So, I asked him.

"Who shit in your cornflakes?".

Bad Idea! He almost never gets the joke. This makes him even more irritable. But sometimes I just can't resist, making a wisecrack.

The problem is, you never know how he will react. Sometimes it is favorable, but more often than not he gets annoyed. And you don't have to be the one to actually annoy him for him to take it out on you. Most of the time if you annoy him, he takes it out on the next guy.

My problem?...............I am usually "the next guy".

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