Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Six of one, half dozen of the other.

Capital one called me today, I was wondering why because I had been talking to one of them a few weeks ago and we made arrangements for me to pay $50 every two weeks to get the balance down.

So this guy calls today. Just to set it up, before his call I would be paying $100 by Sept 9th. That's two payments. So he calls up telling me he wants to set up payments. I told him I was already talking to a guy (Sam) and we had already done that. He tells me that Sam was in a different department and that my file was sent to his department now and we had to make other arrangements. WTF? Ok, so why did the other guy give me payment arrangements only to pass me off to another department to do the whole thing over again.

Fine, lets make arrangements again. I told this guy (BTW his name is Emron, what is up with that?) that Sam and I made arrangements for $50 per pay.

"But this is no good, we need $105 by Sept 5th in order to get the account up to date." I told him the 5th was no good cuz I don't get paid till the 9th. He says "Ok, by the 9th then."

"Great, then its a deal, are we done?"

"So, can you pay $70 right now?"

"What happened to $105 on the 9th?"
It was like, if you agree to something, they don't hear you, so they go for a different number.

"We need $70 by the 26th."

"Then why didn't you say that before, we already agreed that you would get $105 on the 9th, you want $70 more right now?"

"No, 70 now and 35 on the 9th."

Ok, this is getting long and drawn out, I will cut it short, it goes on for 15 minutes. Finally I say ok, whatever you want.

"I am just curious. Do you realize you just irritated the hell out of a customer for 5 extra bucks? Sound good to you? I am hanging up now before you ask for a 60/40 split." He was stunned and I hung up.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

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