Thursday, August 5, 2004

Dude looks like a lady. (or is it lady looks like a dude?)

It is 6:45am and my son bursts into my room.

"MOM! Something is crawling under my bed!" WTF? Jesus, I just went to bed 3 hours ago."It's making noises! MOM!" He's totally freaking out.

I race to his room, thinking, what the hell got into the house? As soon as I open the door I see it. A small, wet thing, crawling across the floor. At first I think it is a rat or something and prepare to beat it to death with a shoe. I swing back and am about to bash its brains in when I decide I should probably take a closer look. I flip the light on and then I realize what I am looking at. A small, wet, white kitten.

OK, I sound off! Luci is fixed and the other two are dudes. WFT?

Did one of my cats kidnap a baby? Do I have a degenerate living in my midst? I notice the kitten is on a mission. He is looks like he knows where he is going, he is trying to get back under the bed. Okey Dokey, I pull the bed out only to find Oscar, curled up in a ball with two more kittens.

This is interesting. I look at him, well her I guess now, "Dude! You had babies."

That's when the boy totally freaked out "What are you talking about?"

" it looks like Oscar had babies."

The boy is mortified, "You're lying! Oscar is a boy!" The look on his face is priceless. The laws of nature have been broken and he can't deal.

Oscar is equally freaked out. He She, has no idea what to do. I had to get a box together and lay him her in it so the babies will feed.

What is so freaky is the three babies, look just like the three adult cats we have. One is all white, like Luci. The other two are black and white, like Oscar and Babe.

Hey, wait a minute. You think Babe could be the father? Guess that is possible. Pictures to follow.


I just picked up the white one, and thought there was something odd with him but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Then it hit me, he has no tail. Weirdest thing.

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