Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My schedule.

I don't know how I get any sleep at all. They are still doing road construction on our street. After months of this racket they had better be paving that bitch with gold.

Does anyone care that I work nights? NO. What is it with people in general? "Oh, you don't have to work till 5, you can take me for groceries." Ok, you work at 8am? I will call at 4am and ask you to come over and fix my car. What? That's about as crazy as what you are asking of me. I get home at 1am, but I don't go to sleep. I am up till at least 5 or 6, then you call at noon and are surprised that I am still in bed. FUCK OFF!

And another thing...

My days off are Monday and Tuesday. MY days off. My days off. My days off. Are you getting this? They are My days off. The days in which I do not have to work, or anything else for that matter. Once again. MY DAYS OFF! MINE! MINE! MINE! Do not take it upon yourself to schedule me to do something for you. FUCK OFF!

Don't bother calling me just to say hi,(like that ever happens) because I will not ever answer the phone. I am done trying to explain this to people.

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