Sunday, August 8, 2004

Of course this is my fault.

"Thank you for calling Undisclosed Computer Software Company� my name is�blah blah blah Can I have your name and phone number please?�

"Jesus Christ, I was just talking to someone and he hung up on me."
Great, a fishwife, she is screaming her head off.

"I'm sorry about that, can I have your name and phone number please?"

"I already gave that, I need Graham back, can I get back to Graham?"

"As soon as you give me your name and phone number I will see what I can do."

I get her info but I have no record of her calling. "You were talking to a support proffesional?"

"Yes he was having me uninstall some software and he hung up on me!"

"Ok, did you get a case number? I am not finding you in my system."

She loses her mind, she didn't get a case number, or an extention number for 'Graham' she wants him back. I try to explain to her that this building alone has over a thousand people in it, finding Graham would be difficult. I ask a few questions to see where she may have gone without a case number. It is very rare that she would talk to a tech without one. Finally I tell her that we will have to start the process over, I appologize but it is the best I can do.

"FINE! But make it quick, I am loosing patience with you fucking people!" Nice, you kiss your mamma with that mouth?
"Can you read to me everything it says on the face of the disc?"

"For distribution with a new PC, for product support contact the manufacturer of the pc..."

"And who is the manufacturer of the PC?"


"Mamme, we do not manufacture PC's, we are a software company. Who is the manufacturer."


"Ok, but mamme, this is not Gateway.
PAUSE FOR EFFECT If you like, I can transfer you to Gateway."

"This is fucking rediculous!"
I agree. This woman is giving me attitude because she called the wrong number.

This is what I have to deal with.

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