Thursday, August 5, 2004

All fun and games till someone snaps your neck.

Our MO (Manager of Operations), lets call him....hmmmmm.... Moe, ya, Moe.

Moe comes up to me when I am on a call and says, "Can I talk to you when your done, Bud?" When he calls me Bud, it can't be good. So when I finish the call I go find him, he is talking to another MO so I wait, and wait, and stew, and wait some more. Finally we start to walk to his office. On the way he says,

"I just wanted to talk to you about PPA." Bane of my existence for over a month.

"Oh kay." I say, very slowly. Where is he going with this?

"We are looking at having an agent full time for PPA that would be a dedicated PPA agent at this site." FUCK ME GENTLY! HE DOES NOT THINK IT WILL BE ME!

My heart is pounding, I am speechless, I try to speak and all that is coming out is a panting sound. Finally I say, "Moe, you do know that I almost lost my mind on that Q?"

"Yah but you did so well............"
then he cracks, he is doubled over, "I can't do it, I'm just kidding, TM thought it would be funny, and he was right." He is laughing his ass off.

"Jesus, Moe, I was just about to drag you into that cubicle and snap your neck, don't do that! That is not funny!"

"Yes it is, its the funniest thing I have every seen."
Speaking of the look on my face. He falls into his chair, still laughing. I am still trying to get my breathing under control, and plotting my revenge against TM.

Turns out he just wanted my thoughts on how the PPA thing went and info on call times. I go in search of TM. When I find him, "Very funny, Brat! Hope you have eyes in the back of your head."

Your gonna need 'em.

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