Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Going to have the bullshit fed back to me.

Haven't posted regularly because it has been so f'ing hot! Jesus, I stay in bed all day with the fan on and can't wait to get to work just for the AC.

I am still trying to get an appointment with HR for feedback on my resume. I have to find out what the hell they want me to say, cuz I sure as hell can't figure it out.

BTW the guy that got the job "owned his own business". That 'business' happened to be pizza delivery, but, hey, that's fine. Now don't get me wrong, he is doing well but any monkey could do the job. That probably explains why they have stuck with this idiotic system for so long. It is not like the TM's have their finger on the button or anything, its not rocket science.

They say that their system is 'fair'. Of course the only people it is fair to is the unqualified people with a flair for bullshit. It really doesn't matter if you are qualified or not, if you can get past the bullshit in HR, your in. It would be more fair if they just put our names in a hat.

One TM got the job by flat out lying on his resume, I know because I got a hold of that resume. Two of the companies he said he worked for didn't even exist, I checked. Apparently HR does not. They use some kind of fucked up point system for grading resumes. I will take notes in feedback and let you know.

This should be interesting.

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