Monday, August 30, 2004

Murderous intent.

A little background.
CC is a large group consisting of hundreds of agents in multiple locations across the globe. But Pro is a small group, around 80 (at our location), in two locations. Our location covers is 9am - 1am and the other is 24hrs so they cover us from 1am - 9am. Even smaller is the group that works my shift which is 5pm - 1am. On the weekend there is, at most, 6 people working in Pro. Last night it was 5 and one of those was off at 11, so essentially 4 of us till 1am.

Since the last shift preferencing, the team working the weekends has changed. With the old team, we would coordinate our own breaks and lunches as to not leave one poor soul on the phones to take all the calls. Now mind you it is slow on the weekends, but we do take calls. This 'new' group does not have the same work ethic or professionalism. One twit in particular I will showcase here.

During lunch, I ask the twit when her lunch is, she says 8:30 so I say, fine I will take mine at 8. My last break is at 10:30 but we are taking calls so I wait a bit so we are out of Q before I go. It's 10:45. I walk out and light a smoke, behind me comes Forest, another agent. Still fine, that means 3 on the phone, they can handle it for 15 minutes. I sit down, and I see the Twit walking through the break room, she comes outside and I look at her like she has three heads. "What are you doing?"

She gives me this stunned look and says, "It's my scheduled break." FUCK ME! That means there are two people on the phones, Bali and one of the newbies, J.

I shake my head and throw my cigarette in the ashtray and rush back. I get back to the phones and we are 7 in Q. Forest cuts his break short as well and heads back early to help. The twit comes back in, because she is left all alone outside and sits at her desk. We are still in Q and she just sits there. I shoot her a couple of dirty looks but she is that much of a moron, she doesn't get it. Anyone looking at me at this point would know I was steaming mad, but not this crayon.

Finally we are out of Q, I wait a few more minutes just to make sure and sign off my phone. As I sign out (again) for my break she comments in a cartoon, snow white voice. "Break time!" What the fuck did you think I was on before Twit! As I am banging out my code in the time keeper machine, the lone Team Manager calls me over. He realizes that I am fuming mad and asks if I am upset with him.

"No, I just have to get out of a job where I have to work with children." I explain to him what happened, and go for my break.

When I came back I planned to talk to the new team and explain to them that it was unprofessional to just take breaks, even if they were scheduled, if it would leave less than half the group on the phone. I wanted to express the need for teamwork when the team was so small. But I couldn't calm down enough. Even as I write this I want to strangle the Twit.

So I try to ignore her. She is having none of it. She keeps letting out these deep, heavy sighs that say, 'I'm bored, talk to me.' No fucking way, Twit, if I talk to you now I will grab you by the throat and squeeze the life out of you. I spend the rest of the night ignoring her, pretending I am talking on messenger and deep in conversation, all the while I was really typing gibberish in notepad.

Give me strength.

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