Sunday, August 1, 2004

Never work with animals or children.

Tonight we were severely under staffed at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�. At 9pm there were three agents online taking pro calls. An older lady (J), me and PatPrick. (no I didn't spell it wrong) We were in Q the entire time, steady. At 11 PatPrick's shift would be over so J and I coordinated our last breaks as to not leave PatPrick to hold down the fort alone.

At 10:55 I am curious as to how high the Q is so I hit the Q button to reveal 5 in Q with 2 AOL (Agents online) WTF? J is on a call, I am signed in, where is PatPrick. Few more minutes tick by and there is PatPrick, punching out.

ME: "I thought you were off at eleven?"
PPrick: "Ya."
I point to my watch.
PP: "Couple minutes, big deal."
ME: "We are in Q." I want to add, asshole, but I don't.
PP: "Well good luck with that ladies."

I give him the finger. How fucking rude, what a prick. Chivalry is officially dead and buried. I am raging. He is lucky that I was on the phone and didn't have anything heavy to drive at him. (I do not throw like a girl.)

I am steaming, I message the only TM on duty. I don't give a shit if this asshole thinks I am a royal bitch, I want the fucker capped. It's called call avoidance, and it's rude.

This is what we get for working with children. J agrees, although I think she was scandalized by my foul language. Couldn't be helped.

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