Monday, January 28, 2008

Of course we will credit you.

"I can't get on facebook."

"How about other sites?"

"Sure, I can get everywhere but facebook."

"There must be an issue with the site then, you can try again later."

"I pay you for internet."

"We can't control the content. You are online, our job is done."

"Will I at least get a credit for today?"

"For not getting on one website?"

"Ya, I pay for this."

Holy shit. Ok let's see... you pay fifty bucks a month for internet, divide that by 31 days, that's a $1.61 per day, devide that by the suggested number of distinct sites on the internet, 108,810,358.

I will credit this person for...let's see, oh ya 0.0000147 cents!.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Some people.

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