Saturday, January 19, 2008

Am I missing something?

I have been assaulted by this commercial every 10 minutes for the last week or so. First impression? This guy totally creeps me out. I am not all that sure why, but he seems so ... what is the word I am looking for? SMARMY? Is that a word?

Then I think, who the hell is this guy anyway? Am I supposed to know who he is? He is way too creepy to be a nobody. I mean would they risk creeping people out with the commercial if he wasn't some sort of celebrity? This commercial has got to make sense to someone. Why else would they have made it?

Finally, not being able to stand it another second, I was compelled to Google it. I was willing to bet he was a washed up porn star or something. I was wrong.

Apparently someone in Hamilton must know him. Although, with a name like that, he was born to be a porn star.


Anonymous said...

his name rhymes, i don't like that LOL and i agree on the creepiness.

Anonymous said...

LOL I thought the same thing when I saw this commercial... I usually change the channel until his creepy butt is done

Virginia Belle said...

no, it's not just you. he is smarmy. he comes off like a thug, almost.

i never understood the appeal of those beds. they remind me of hospital beds, and who wants to sleep in one of those??

Kathy said...

Is Tone gonna break my kneecaps if I don't buy one? Oh my God. I've never seen a commercial like this in my life. Hilarious!

Camille said...

my first thought when i saw this was "can he see my face? cos if he can, i'll get popped one for seeing his =|"

urgh.. that commercial alone makes me NOT want one of those beds.

and for heaven's sake, i'm not going to tell ANYbody that "Tone" sent me ... seems as if that might be more of a death sentence than anything else.