Sunday, January 6, 2008

The white elephant in the middle of the room.

With all his money you would think he could afford a better toupee. Wonder why no one says anything?

I understand it though. No one wants to be the guy who points out the white elephant, lest that white elephant delivers a roudhouse kick to the throat. He has got to know that we know, doesn't he? You can't take your eyes off it. Hard not to offer it a bowl of milk or something.

Suppose it isn't as bad as The Donald. I don't care how many helicopters he gets off of without that hair moving. It is a comb-over, albeit, an expensive 'weave' comb-over, but a comb-over none the less. Your not fooling anyone.

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Sue said...

LMAO! True, OMG, so true!

Paul and I were talking last night. We'd been watching Michigan State hockey and remarking at how glad we were that Rick Comley (coach of MSU) finally got rid of his horrible combover. It was like three strands of hair, five miles long and wrapped around his head thousands of times.

I always tell Paul, you will NOT ever have a combover. Evah!