Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bill's last day.

In July of this year, Bill will say goodbye to Microsoft, the company he has been a part of since he was 17 years old, to devote his full energies to his foundation work.

During his last keynote address at CES, he presented a video parody of what his last day at Microsoft might be like.

It made me wonder what kind of company Microsoft will become with out his goofball personality running the show. Steve Balmer will still be there, I suppose, but how much of his goofball attitude was because Bill was there to support it.

I thought I would post just a few of my favorite Microsoft videos.

I think he will be missed. Let's hope his leaving doesn't turn Microsoft into a stuffed-shirt company.

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Val said...

Hi Eva,

Ya, I hope Bill's leaving doesn't change Microsoft for the worse. I too think he will be missed.

Thanks for the vids - I hadn't seen some of them. Too funny!

BTW, I like your bunny slippers better than Bill's. *grin*