Monday, January 7, 2008

Arnie is acting up again.

Remember FTS? I get this pain in my side, more like a charlie-horse in my ribs.

More recently I have felt like it was more of (how do I describe it?) a feeling like there is something in there that shouldn't be. Like if I lean my back on a hard surface, I can feel this thing push toward the front of my body. Much like the feeling when I was pregnant and the boy would stretch his legs.

I have taken to calling it Arnie. Because, you know, it's 'not a tumor'. This does not amuse my nurse sister-in-law, Darling. She thinks I should have it looked at.

One problem. When I decide I am going to go have it checked, Arnie stays quiet and I forget he is there. He somehow knows I might be trying to get rid of him. Then a few weeks later, he starts up again.

What is really keeping me from having Arnie taken care of? What if it is a tumor? Do I want to know? You know it is always the way. The doctor will tell you that you have had it for 10 years or something retarded like that, but the second he says cancer, you die within the week.

Arnie ain't such a bad guy.

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Kelly said...

Ooooh just now as I begin to type I remember what FCS is...LOL Yeah it's like when the car makes a funny noise, you tell someone it shuts up. But then you end up in the sticks and a tire falls off, so get it checked anyway! LOL