Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bitch done lost her mind!

See this is what I mean. Give a kid that kind of money and fame and she will start to believe her own press.

She seems to think this is all a big joke. She is Britney, this is not happening.

Now she has apparently lost her mind. And all it took was someone to tell her she couldn't have something she wanted.


Sue said...

I love your title on this post. So true. The sad thing is that she is not alone. This sort of spectacle is going on all over the place with parents who are clearly not as famous.

It's a sad day in the court system when a "mother" drops her kid off at the father's doorstep, says she's done and flees to another state, yet the father has to fight for custody of the child. WTF? Obviously, personal experience in that little example (of my SO, not me), but still. The system is screwed up to say the least.

kelly said...

britney's a mess, she belongs back in louisiana in a trailer...