Monday, May 26, 2003

They grow �em weird in the south.

I have to tell you that the few customers I have written about on this blog are most definitely the more saner ones. I have not had an actual crazy person myself yet but discussions around the �water cooler� can make you snort. I will paraphrase a few for you here.

One woman said her computer turned off and that she had read in the Enquirer that the martians could do that. You know, black out your computer. She was dead serious.

A man wanted to know why the Undisclosed Computer Software Company� was sending him popups on how to extend his peinis size. He was convinced that it was us that was doing it and he wanted to know where we got our information because he had told no one about his conserns about his small penis.

Another woman said that the Undisclosed Computer Software Company � was sending rocks through the internet. She could hear them in her cdrom drive but when she opened the drive, the evidence would mysteriously disappear. She wanted us to please stop at once.

A man from (we are assuming) the deep south was convinced that the FBI was hacking into his computer because he wrote a Roswellesk type newsletter. He said he needed to speak to �the boss� immediately to warn him because he felt that he would be targeted next.

The most halarious part of all these stories is that they all had retail versions of the software and had to be put through (for free) to tech support. Those guys do not make enough money.

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