Saturday, May 17, 2003

I kid you not!

This is an actual call I took last night.

�Ya, I read in the Unmentionable PC Magazine� that Service pack 1 slows down your machine, and I was to call you to get a free patch for that.�

I get ready to direct him to the support article and he cuts me off.

�Here�s the thing. I don�t have service pack 1, where do I get it. I want to download it so I can then call you back to get the free patch.�

This guy needs to get a life. He wants to download a product that he believes to be defective, just to get something free. Ok, Moron. I direct him to the site for the service pack and the article that talks him through the patch process. Then I thank him for calling the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�.


Little does he know, that all the free �patch� does, is uninstall the service pack. But Hey, he obviously doesn�t have anything better to do.

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