Saturday, May 31, 2003

Come on and take a free ride.

�� I just have to verify your support before I can put you through. Can I have your product ID?�

�I can�t get on the computer.�

�Ok, do you have your installation cd�s?�

�No, I got the computer as a gift, and I didn�t get any cd�s with it.�

�Well, I can put you through on our pay per incident line�.�

At this point she loses her mind

�Why should I have to pay? This computer was working fine yesterday.�

�Is it working now?�


�Well, Dorothy, if I can�t verify that you have a retail copy of Product X, then I can�t put you through for free support.�

�Why not?�
What does she mean �why not�? What does this chick want for nothing?

�Well I have no way of knowing how you obtained that software.�

�I told you, it was a gift. The person who gave me the computer didn�t give me any cd�s and he has left the state.�

�And you can�t get a hold of him?�

Ya right, this guy drops $2000 worth of computer equipment in your lap and you repay him by never speaking to him ever again.

�Well, Dorothy, without the installation cd�s or access to your computer I cannot verify your eligibility for support. I can send you through on our pay per incident line and if they can gain access to your computer and verify that it is retail you will be refunded the fee.�

You can hear in her voice that she is losing it. �I don�t understand why I should have to pay for anything. It was working fine yesterday. I don�t have money to throw away, I am on a fixed income. This is ridiculous. Can�t you just send me the cd�s.�

�No, Dorothy, I can�t. I have no way of knowing how you or your friend obtained the software. I just can�t send you free software.�

�But I am telling you how.�
She just ain�t getting it. For all I know her �friend� had pirated software and just loaded it all on her computer before he jumped bail.

�So, what do I do now?�

�I would suggest if you don�t want to go through on the pay per incident that you go out and purchase retail copies of the software, at which time you would have installation cd�s and support here at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�.�

She is screaming now. �Why do you keep trying to make me pay? You keep trying to shove software down my throat. You are very mean, what is your name? You have a very bad attitude. I think you should be fired for not having a little compasion. Why do you keep telling me to pay. I don�t see why I should have to pay for software I already have on my computer. Why do you keep telling me to pay?� She gets the computer and software for free and she is griping about $35 to fix it.

�You keep asking me what I would suggest you do Dorothy, I am only stating your options here at Undisclosed Customer Service Center�, I assure you I have nothing against you, I am just doing my job.�

�Your job sucks�


Sometimes, I agree.

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