Saturday, August 9, 2008

A woman car scorned.

I am now in possession of (count 'em) two cars. (That's the old girl, in red)

Its just too bad I can't drive either one of them. Neither is inspected and the new one has no plates.

In order to transfer my plates to the new car I need to first get it inspected. Now, as long as there is nothing wrong and that goes smoothly, I can transfer my plates to the new car. Simple, right?

Yeah right! Problem is that all this will cost in the vicinity of three hundred dollars. Do I have three hundred dollars, you ask? No, I do not.

So, 'that's okay' I say. I can just drive the old girl for another two weeks.
ME: "You and me for a couple more weeks, Old Girl."
OG: "Fuck you bitch! You parked that skank whore in my yard and expect a little sum'in sum'in from me? You better back that shit up right there!"
ME: "But sweety..."
OG: "Don't you fuckin' sweety me!"

I tried to ignore her, start her up and drive away. She literally wouldn't shut up. The roar that came out of her you would not believe. There is no way I can drive that through town without turning some heads.
OG: "I don't know what made you think you could play me this way!"

His name is Murphy, and I live by his code.

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That girl said...

No sum'in sum'in for you from the old girl?

And you're surprised? Cars and computers are equally possessive of their owners.

I got a new laptop. I thought i'd have 2 computers in my house, but nooo, my old computer had a case of the green monster too, and now refuses to communicate with me.