Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did I miss something?

When did it become copacetic to work in the food service industry with nails and shit pounded into your face?

Am I supposed to find that appetizing?


Anonymous said...

ok this person does not work at any fast food place i've been to around here...lmao

Evel said...

A&W....girl with two things in her bottom lip and a ring through her nose.

I kid you not.

ME! said...

I work @ the Hard Rock Cafe... we purposely hire people that have piercings AND tattoos.

Anonymous said...

baahaha ya i know, she talks funny because of them. but what can ya do, you hire people that wanna work!

Virginia Belle said...

i don't really care about what's in their face so much as i don't like to see women with long, fake fingernails anywhere near my food. they are so unsanitary. there should be laws.

i like to see clean hands and short nails!