Monday, August 4, 2008

Set in stone.

I am about to be published. In print. Ok, so it's not the New York Times or even the local newspaper, but it is print.

The owner of the local buy and sell paper asked me to do a column. Like an advice column. I had been doing a few ads for her here and there and she has recently become 'addicted' (as she puts it) to the blog.

For now I thought I would do a few opinion pieces, you know, til people get where I am coming from. Then see if they will submit questions.

I have discovered that I have become completely OCD about the whole thing. I think I sent her 4 different drafts and edits. Finally had to get someone to read it and edit it for me. Thanks to Anna, who agreed to be my official editor.(She reads books and shit all the time.)

All the anxiety is coming from the fact that this really is set in stone. Once it is published you can't go back and fix mistakes. Not like on the blog, when two days later you re-read something, notice the grammar is wrong and backspace the hell out of it. Once this thing is printed, that is it!

I won't have a fingernail left or a hair on my head til this thing is printed and I get some reaction. Good or bad.


Anonymous said...

Take a pink pill. Okay now, breath. That's it. Think calm ocean breeze... lol. Has it come out yet?

Evel said...

not til the 8th

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my copy!! WooT!!

Anonymous said...

don't worry, anna's a good editor, she even knows which colour pills to take!