Sunday, August 17, 2008

Can't wait for winter.

Mostly because I am tired. Tired of fighting this unending (losing) battle with nature. Namely ants and fruit flies. (The raccoons have moved on it seems.)

The only options I have been given for the ant problem consists of me 'living' with them while I slowly poison them. I can't seem to accomplish this because as soon as I see one I just have to kill it. Defeating the purpose of the borax and sugar concoction sitting on my counter. I know they have to eat it and take it back to the hill to share with the others but as soon as I see those little suckers, my knee jerk reaction is to squash the life out of them while screaming 'Die, you prick!'.

While the ants are one-here-one-there, the friut flies are starting to send me over the edge. The best solution is (I am told) booze in a glass with saran wrap on top. I have no booze, so why do I have so many? It is too weird what these things will congregate on. You would think from their name that they would enjoy a piece of friut. Not so, tried it. They like coffee pot, the bread bag and recenlty I discovered they love ketchup.

So, I formulated a plan. I put coffee grounds and ketchup on a coffe filter and set it in the microwave. After an hour I came back and it was litterally riddled with fruit flies. I slam the door with a "AH HA!" Set it for 60 seconds and listen to the popping. Gleeful, I was. I hear the triumphant ding as the cycle finishes, throw open the door to view their little corpses.

My blood went cold, they all flew out! I kid you not! Every single one of them. WTF?

And to add insult to injury, any time you see more than one in the same spot....they are going at it like rabbits.

I really hate nature.


Unknown said...

Maybe they need TWO minutes.


That girl said...

I kid you post today was how I hate nature.

Everything you just said and my own lame shit too, in one big "i hate nature" post...too funny!

Anonymous said...

Rob would never part with his booze for anything like that so I use cider vinegar and it works like a charm for the fruit flies :o)

Anonymous said...

baahahaha she who doesn't cook tries to cook fruit flies lolol

Virginia Belle said...

i can't believe you tried to nuke fruit flies. :)

but i really can't believe it didn't work!! i thought it seemed like a great idea.

it seems that the theory that insects will take over Earth after we are gone stands firm.