Friday, August 1, 2008

Speaking of headstones...

Stop me if you have heard this one before.

After my father died in 1989, maybe a couple of months later, we were at the cemetery, checking out the new headstone. My mother decided to have her name put on it at that time instead of waiting, you know, til she was dead.

Any hoo...we are standing there admiring it. They had done a nice job on it, and had put as much information as you can put on a headstone while a person is still alive. They (the headstone makers)had decided to put her birth year, then her name, then 19--, a space for the last two numbers.

I read it twice before it hit me. I started to chuckle. This irritates my mother, "What is so funny?"

"Are you looking at it?"

"What? Its a beautiful headstone."

"Ya but apparently they only give you ten years to live. A bit harsh, don't ya think?"

She was soon having that changed.


Bryna said...

That is funny, but disturbing at the same time. Why didn't she just leave the last numbers blank? Why even go ahead and put the first two numbers? Was it cheaper that way?

Evel said...

It was the headstone makers that decided on that part...I guess they thought it would save time later.

Suppose they have been doing that since 1900, force of habit.

kelly said...