Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can you say 'over the top'?

The Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was quite the spectacle. Then why was I so unimpressed?

Thousands of drummers, thousands of dancers, all in sync. Fireworks, fireworks and more fireworks. Inside the stadium and all over the city.

All that, and what I remember is one tiny dot of light, that kept going out too fast or on too slow. I was thinking, 'That guy has an expanding hollow point bullet to the head in his future.' If I beat my dog long enough it will do the trick perfectly every time too.

Everything was just so over the top. Even the touting of the 'green games'. Kind of a joke, considering China has 16 of the worlds top 20 polluting cities within its borders.

Someone's overcompensating for something, don't you think?


That girl said...



It must be just me then, but I somehow have not managed to get into the whole thing.

I doubt that'll change in 2010 when they'll be held in my city.

Anonymous said...

ditto, I haven't watched a second of it. I only ever watched it when I was younger because I lived in the woods and the only channel that came in was CBC LOL