Sunday, April 29, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 04-29-07
How people found this site. And the ranking. (if I can locate it)

-a dog's hind leg (England) (#6)
-he need to go back to british (New York) (#2)
-nude french celeb (India) (#1) Don't let the Indians fool ya, they got some dirty birds over there.
-tunisian leicester (Oman) (#3)
-digby neck isp (Chicago) (#1)
-trenton tim horton hockey tournament (Los Angeles) (#6)
-pecker check (Alberta) (#2)
-holy shit i think he's got it (Budapest) (#6)
-nude crosse sweden (Belgium) (#1)
-opinions about eva inside the cat by gabriel garcia marquez (Bolivia) (#8) This dude is really spacific.
-drive thru movie in mississauga ontario (St. Catharines, Ontario) (#2)
-phone service digby neck nova scotia (Chicago) (#?)
-cat snot sneezing (North Carolina) (#6)
-suv asshole (Oregon) (#8)
-mingle2 (Washington) (#6) Oh, I did that geek survey on that site, aparently it is a dating site. I am such a geek I missed that altogether.
-utah traffic stats harrison (Salt Lake City) (#3)
-cort sfx-1f (London) (#9)
-calories tim horton's french vanilla extra large (Ontario) (#4)If you have to ask, it is probably too many.
-salomon inc brooklyn (California) (#3)
-people who have heart valve replaced (Texas) (#5)
-layne thrasher (Santa Monica, California) (#6)
-anyone else think that david suzuki is a moron (#4)Good Lord! You can't say that in Canada, its like, the law here. You are libel to get bitch slapped.
-a map were you can see your house (Texas) (#10)Dude, its called Google Earth.

And there are numerous keyword searches for ... let's just say...doing nasty things with your sister-in-law, too numerous to list here. One nut kept rewording it and still coming up with my site. You have persistence, I will give you that. I have just this to say. You are one sick puppy.

Shouldn't you be working or studying?

State Of Montana Department Of Administration (Billings)
Alberta Motor Association (Edmonton, Alberta)
Dow Corning Corporation (Los Angeles, California)
Fanshawe College Of Applied Arts (Chicago, Illinois)
Union College (Overland Park, Kansas)
The Principal Financial Group (Des Moines, Iowa)
Southwest Missouri State University (Springfield)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Leuven, Brussels in Belgium)
Ocean State Higher Education And Administration Network (Providence, Rhode Island) Oh, looks like they translated into Italian, cool.
Boise State University (Idaho)
American Theological Library Association (Chicago) And they searched for '+cat +snot +sneezing', too funny.
Rowan College Of New Jersey (Glassboro)
Massachusetts Mutual (Springfield)
Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts)
Google Inc (Mountain View, California)
Medical City Dallas (Plano, Texas)
The Ballpark Advertising Agency (Santa Monica, California)
Toronto Dominion Bank (Ontario)

Can You See Your House From Here?

HINT: Over 5 years and still a big gaping hole, could that be possible? Can you look liberty in the eye?

Well, can you see your house from here? If you can, email me.

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