Saturday, April 7, 2007

Guitar Number Four.

The Boy worked a couple of days for his father and has put his 'hard earned' money on a new guitar.

This will bring the guitar count to four but this will be the first acoustic/electric. He has never taken a lesson before, he always just taught himself. But now he wants to learn classical guitar, thus the acoustic.

Prepare yourself to be awed and amazed. Here she is!

The Cort SFX1F NS has a Solid Sikta Spruce Top, Venetian Cutaway, Mahogany Arch Back, Dovetail Neck Joint, Mahogany Sides, Rosewood Fingerboard, Satin Finish, Fishman Classic 4 Electronics

I share this description with you because I must commit it to memory and be suitable impressed and awed when he shows me the picture over and over and over and over. If I can not pull off the 'holy fuck that is the nicest guitar I have ever seen' then he will torture me with more pictures. More detailed pictures. Explain to me why I must be in complete awe of this guitar.

He only put it on lay-away today. This means unending torture for me until he gets it out of lay-away. He will talk about it, show me pictures and talk about it some more. He will try and figure out ways to get it sooner. He will plot and scheme. This will be the only discussion going on in my home until the stupid fucking guitar is in his possession.

And all the while there will be this underlying theme that it is somehow all my fault that he does not have it right now. He will blame me, for what? I don't know. Not sleeping with a richer guy? But he will not ask his father for one more red cent. It is not how The Boy works.

He will hound me, the one who lives paycheck to paycheck. The guy with 3 houses and as many cars, who owns his own business (building bridges for fuck sakes) gets off scott free, he would never dream of bothering TBF for some extra cash.

That is just not done.

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part-time thinker said...

It is a very nice guitar, as far as I can tell, don't know nothin' about them. He'll likely be more proud of it if he has to pay for it all himself, so he's learning a life lesson. I think. Us guys usually treat the things we are given like crap. Yes, that includes love. I should write this much on my own blog, wait for it ... LOL.