Sunday, April 8, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 04-08-07
How people found this site.

-butt NAKED guys in kilts (New Jersey)If they are butt naked, how can they be in kilts? I'm just sayin'.
-touched by evel (Australia)Hmmm, Ausie accent? I might think about it.
-delta air lines inc (Bakersfield, California)
-treatment dog eye snot (Hamilton, Ontario)Sorry, my eye snot knowledge is limited to cats.
-algeria (Washington)
-how cold does it get in delta bc in winter (British Columbia)
-unblocked by peoplepc (Minnesota)
-picture of university verginia (Thailand)
-cingular (Redmond, Washington)
-when you're hung like a horse you don't need a harley to pick up chicks (Saskatoon)
-cats with snotting noses (Connecticut)
-starchoice fuck movies (Quebec)
-depo shot feel face (New Jersey)
-ancient city carthage (Brooklyn)
-superman emblems for suvs (Alaska)
-tunisia men fuck (Leicester, England)
-measure twice, cut once (Pennsylvania)
-upskirt (Redmond, Washington)You would think that there were better things to do on the home planet.
-tunisia almost good for every think (Tunisia)
-drive thru coffee trailer (Florida)
-stefispice (Phoenix)Ok, now I am curious.
-ticklish my feet my son tickle (Nebraska)
-cat sneezing snot all over (Florida) Enough with the cat snot already!

Aren't you supposed to be working/studying?

Siam City Bank Public Co. Ltd (Thailand)
New York University (Duh)
Chattam Financial Corp (Kennett, Pennsylvania)
Michigan State Government (Lansing)

Can You See Your House From Here?

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