Friday, December 23, 2005


Just got some insider information about the underhanded practices of the WallyWorld employee.

Their policy - during a sale there is a moratorium on employee purchases of sale items until the sale is over. This is supposed to give the general public first dibbs on sale merchandise. If there are any left after the sale, the employee can purchase it at the sale price minus their employee discount.

Sounds about right, eh?

This is how the employees get around it. Say there is only one of those aforementioned 20" TV's on sale for $99. (remember that one, from the flyer?)The cashier really wants that TV, but he's got another 4 days before he can purchase that TV under the policy.

What does he do?

He tells any customer who asks that all he has left is display models!

I tell you what. If I had known this when I was in the store, Gordon would be picking his teeth up off the floor!

And how was your day?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I withdraw any previous kind words about the Wal Mart employee.

Anonymous said...

ahhh ahahaha it's a conspiracy! lazy bastards want to keep all the goodies for themselves! again, you have to come to canadian tire with me, i have a raincheck to complain about...LOL