Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The birthday of Jesus Christ has been celebrated on December 25th since AD 354. Who the fuck cares why they picked that date. That is just how long we have been doing it, so fuck off!

So what if 'the date has no origin in the bible'. That's how long we have been doing it, so fuck off! So what if we don't know the exact date, that's how long we've been doing it, so fuck off!

You can stick a fat guy in a red suit in there just to make ya'll less uncomfortable about the whole, 'birth of our savior' thing, but it's still Christmas, so fuck off!

If you want to hijack our holiday and exchange gifts and decorate your house, yard, whatever, give 'er. But if you think you are going to make me stop saying Merry Christmas, you can fuck off!

If you don't want to exchange gifts and decorate your house, yard, whatever, give 'er. But if you were to erect a tree in your living room around this time of year and string some lights on it and perhaps some baubles hanging from each branch, wrap some boxes in pretty paper and place them under it. Then I am sorry, my friend, it is a Christmas tree, so fuck off!

If you are listening to music that tells of a time long ago about a kid who was born in a barn, or music that talks about giving presents or rockin' around that tree that you have strung with lights, then you are listening to Christmas music. So fuck off!

If we (Nova Scotia) send you (Boston) a Christmas Tree, and you want to call it something else, fuck off, and send it back. We don't mind, we love Christmas. If you don't? Then pick another date on the calendar and call it Fuck Off day for all I care, but this, my friend is Christmas. Deal with it!

And for all the rest of you? Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah?) or whatever you call your holidays. I don't care and I wouldn't dream of asking you to stop.

To everyone else, who want to make me take the word Christmas out of Christmas...Did I mention Fuck Off?


Anonymous said...

Well if you're not gonna start "Fuck Off Day" do you mind if I do it? I mean, I'm all for Christmas too, but "Fuck Off Day" has a nice ring to it. Sometime in the late winter possibly. Being in South Dakota that means "Fuck Off Day" can be anytime between now and mid-June.

Evel said...

Give 'er, I haven't patented it yet. I will celebrate with ya.

Anonymous said...

We were just talking about this today.. here in IOWA.. we're also fed up with being told we have to CHANGE.. why?? we accept other's holidays/celebration .. why can't those 30% or less of the population NOT Christian of the world... accpet those of us who ARE!!!

Nance said...

Nothing worse than going to a middle school band concert in December and having them call it "Celebration of Wintertime Music"..can you even stand that one???!!

ME! said...

I hate that whole situation too! They want to re-name the Rockafeller Center CHRISTMAS Tree to "the Holiday Tree". Oh, and I guess we can call the Menorah the "holiday candle holder"? Yeah, I don't think that would fly.


BTW, I think I am going to borrow this post and link it to you on my blog.



Anonymous said...

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