Thursday, December 8, 2005

Curious'er and curious'er.

Interesting news about the girl who died last weekend. As I said, I never had a chance to talk to her since she came back from Ireland. Well it seems she told a lot of people all about it.

Turns out she planned the trip, not as something she always wanted to do, like she told me. But to meet a guy she met on the internet.

Get this. She left the husband boyfriend father of her youngest children at home with the kids, flew across the ocean and her full intent was to cheat on him. Why she told people this is beyond me. And when you hear the rest of the story, you will comprehend just how mind blowing it is that she TOLD people all about it.

Apparently, after flying across the ocean to cheat on her husband boyfriend father of her youngest children, the internet guy stood her up. She spent the entire time living in a hospice trying to track him down. I haven't found anyone yet who has said she actually saw any sites when she was there.

Who the hell flies across the ocean and doesn't even take a look around? After internet asshole failed to show at the airport I would have said 'fuck it' and enjoyed my vacation. After all, she was there. Why the hell not? And I would be damned if I told anyone I was stood up by some guy I met on the internet. I would conveniently leave that humiliating part out.

It was sort of nice thinking that even though she died, at least she got to do somthing she always wanted. I wish now that I had not been told the difference.

Maybe its just me, but I don't get this whole 'meet someone on the internet' and fly half way around the world to meet them. I know it has worked out for some, but I just can't get my mind around it.

Hell I wouldn't go on a blind date across town. But that's just me.


Jack said...

Kinda makes you wonder whether that last ride was taken fully alert, or even, god forbid, with the intent of hitting a pole.

Evel said...

Oh, I still think it was a freak accident.

If she had any intention to harm herself she would not have done it with the kids in the car. Especially since two of them were not her own.

I was just saying that in the first post , I was thinking 'at least she had a last horah'. But it turns out she didn't .