Saturday, August 2, 2008

I brought him up right.

I sleep in today, knowing I was totally out of coffee and sugar and so flat broke there was no hope I was getting any til payday.

I roll out of bed at 2pm and fire up the computer. Fist thing...The Boy messages me.
TheBoy says:
did you want to borrow 20 or soo till you get paid?
Evel @ Home says:
ya, that would be cool
TheBoy says:
im gonna get a shower and see if i can come over ill talk to you in a bit

Now I try and wrack my brain, how did he know I was broke? Did someone tell him? Who was I whinning to last night?

So he arrives about 10 minutes later with the life-saving twenty bucks.

The Boy, "Are you hungry? Wanna go to McDonald's?"

So yeah, The Boy takes me to McDonald's. And pays for it.

No, this was not a dream I had, it really happened. I think I must have done something right.

And you all scoffed at the whole digging a hole in the backyard thing.


Anonymous said...

LMAO - or the boy did something, really really wrong and just hasn't gotten around to confessing?!!! hehe

Evel said...

We will give him the benefit of the doubt.....for now.

Anonymous said...

he's just a good boy!