Saturday, June 21, 2008

I want my toy! Now!

I am starting to get excited. Like I am really going to get this thing.

I called the RBC yesterday just to make damn sure there was no loophole they were going to spring on me at the last minute.

Wouldn't you know, I got a newbie, Dave, who looked at my account and said, "Wait a minute. You already had payroll deposit? I think you need to apply for a credit card then to qualify."

WTF? "Really? Because the last person I talked to didn't mention that. And I don't want a credit card."

"Well you don't have to keep it."

"Ok, do I have to apply for a credit card or do I actually have to qualify? Cuz I can tell you, it ain't happening."

"I can transfer you to the credit department..."

"You know what? Don't. I can't imagine why the last person would tell me I qualified, she was looking at the same account that you are. Why don't you go find out for sure. I will just let you know, that after all this, if I don't get one of these free pc's I will be switching banks."

So, off he goes to talk to a supervisor or whatever he has to do. And I was not kidding, I will switch banks if they put me through all this shit, only to deny me the toy on a technicality. You don't get my hopes up without some serious ramifications. [insert Cartman voice ]

He comes back in about 5 minutes, "Evel? You are in like Flynn!" He is more excited than I am. "My mistake, I am so sorry."

"No worries, Dave, as long as I get my toy."

"Don't you worry, you are getting the toy!"

After that, I spent a few hours transferring money into my paypal account and surfing eBay for 'accessories' for my toy.

Which will all probably arrive before it does. SIGH!


Robert Campbell said...

RBC ! The staff is the hardest thing to fit into their equation cause nobody wants that job. hey i like your blog

kelly said...

i am shocked you got someone who spoke english!

Evel said...

Thanks Robert, and welcome.

Michel Savoie said...

Glad to hear everything worked out!
Kelly: RBC's call centres are all in Canada, and they are in house (not outsourced!)