Monday, June 16, 2008

Oldest living groupies.

While we are on the subject of my mother, I have to say it wasn't all an eye rolling experience. Sometimes my mother was a hoot.

My cousin Johnny has always played in a band for as long as I can remember. And his mother, my aunt, was so proud of him. This one year he happened to be playing a venue close to where we lived so she asked my mother to attend with her.

Of course, that meant that I would be the one transporting my mother. As always, it was a given. But this time I was looking forward to it, I hadn't heard him play in years.

So, we agree to go and my aunt tells us that Johnny has left our name at the door so we can get right in. Sweet.

You have to note that my mother was in her 70's at the time and my aunt was even older (although my aunt was always what the old chicks call 'spry')

So, we are heading for the door, two old chicks and me, going to a rock concert. Mind you, this sort of music did draw an older crowd but even so, we did receive some stares.

I start to giggle to myself. My aunt goes ahead, she is already searching for a seat when my mother walks right over to the ticket table and announces ...

"I'm with the band."

The look on their faces was worth the price of admission.


Bryna said...

That story is GREAT!

kelly said...

bahaha, that's awesome!