Thursday, June 12, 2008

First casualty of the Great Ant Invasion of 2008.

I am trying to clean up my desk on my day off. I move my keyboard and there it is, going in six different directions seemingly at once. Not sure where it wants to run but it knows it must.

The biggest, fattest ant so far. This one is so big, it really creeps me out.

My skin begins to crawl and I begin to smash at it with my hand, (as girls do) and jump back, hoping I got it. I didn't. Smash again, it runs towards me. Remember, I am a fat chick, nothing about this battle is graceful. I am sure the tenants downstairs think an elephant is trampling a tourist up in here.

I jump back and crash into my laptop, launching it off the desk and into the bookcase.

This cannot be good. But I can't worry about it, I must not take my eyes off the ant lest he escape and I would not be able to sleep knowing it was still alive, crawling somewhere. I pick up the notepad and S-W-A-C-K!

Dead ant.

Then I remember the laptop.

Dead laptop.


kelly said...

those cats are lazy! mine attacks bugs :D otherwise i do as you and whack them with the first thing i get my hands on lol

That girl said...

No you didn't!!! NOOOOOO!

Did ya? Really?


That girl said...

by the way, not only am I back now, but I'm not a private blog anymore.