Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another ride in the pork truck.

The Boys Father just purchased his midlife crisis car. A Porsche Cayman S.

More than ten years ago TBF bought his first Porsche from my sisters husband. It was a 911, not all that impressive. But I have to say this new one is pretty.

Back then The Boy was still talking like he was from Jersey. You know how all small kids have that Jersey accent?

Well he was all excited cuz his dad was taking him for a ride in the 'pork truck'.

Gosh he was cute when he was small.


kelly said...

just like puppies and kittens, then they grow up. agh. lol

Bryna said...

Hey! I'm from Jersey... I don't really think I have an accent. Just kidding. I know I do. :)