Friday, June 27, 2008

Ask and ye shall receive.

As if on queue, the answer to my boredom has revealed itself.

I have taken on a second job. One that I can work on my off hours, or whenever I have the time. It's interesting work too. I am sure the woman who does it now (after umpteen years) doesn't think so anymore but it is new to me and, therefore, interesting.

It will involve learning new computer programs, (which I love, I am such a geek) putting together a print publication and a little advertising thrown in there for good measure. I think I should be good for the summer, until she realizes that I am not as smart as she thinks I am. (SHHHH! I won't tell her if you don't)

I don't know if it is just the contentment I feel from finding an interesting outlet or from the peace of living alone, but I purchased this for my son for grading. I think he will be surprised. After all, he thinks all I am giving him is a Pink Floyd poster I nabbed off eBay.

And, of coures, I have to add a little something to remember me by.

I know, why am I not buying myself some new toy? Well I am still under the impression that I am already getting a free toy, so why not spread the joy.

Besides, what would I do with a laptop? I already have four computers in the house and there remains the small fact that I don't actually go anywhere.

I will get more enjoyment buying accessories for the toys I have. I wonder if The Boy will add me to his Facebook now?


The Boy could not stop thanking me. At first he was slack-jawed, "I can't believe you bought me a laptop!" Then he would jump up every minute or so to hug and kiss me, tell me just how much I rock and that he loves me so much!

See, and you thought you couldn't buy your kid's affection. Oh ye of little faith.

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Leo said...

Brilliant, and kids think they play us.