Friday, September 21, 2007

"Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet!"

"We'we hunting wabbits."

My last shift was tonight and the girls in tech routing gave me a card. In it was a picture of the bunny slippers they knew I wanted (that's them on the left...I heart them, they are lavender scented and microwaveable) and a bunch of cash. They weren't able to order them and get them here before my last shift so it is up to me to order them. Simple, eh? NOT

What the hell is wrong with Canada? No one wants to ship here.

"Will only ship to US."

What the fuck is that? In case you weren't aware, we are that huge country directly above you. Roads continue on at the border, I promise. Planes actually get through since we took down the force field. You can ship things to us. You just refuse to do so.

How am I gonna function in my new job without my bunny slippers?

UPDATE: 9/22/07

Bunny Slipper ordered! I found a seller on eBay that would not only wait for the money to be transfered to my PayPal account but will ship to 'far off' Canada.


OneFullHouse said...

lol... GLAD to hear you are getting them.

I've had trouble with "no shipping to Canada" as well. In fact, I have a PO box just across the border that I use for this exact reason. (i live about 30 minutes from the States)

Sherri said...

It's not the distance. It's customs. Them is some seriously devious fuckers, is customs. I tell you a story.

Last year we were heading up from Florida to stay with friends in Toronto for Word on the Street. They have a really lousy futon bed, so we decided for the sake of my shoulders and hips to ship up our air mattress (since it would be a pain to lug onto the plane). $50 air mattress from Wal-Mart, and a couple boxes of a kind of Kashi Bar Heather can't find up there. Not a big deal, right?

Until it hit customs. Seems they decided it was a plated gold air mattress and the most precious granola in the world. They wanted about $300 in duty on it.

This is where you ask WTF? I am not kidding. Heather is calling them, is calling us, is trying to get the guys to lower the ransom on this priceless air mattress and granola. Oh, no. You see, we had declared the value on the package (which you have to do) to be $100. When someone retyped the info, they added a zero. Now, this could not be a MISTAKE. Oh no, not possibly. Even when they opened the freaking BOX and SAW it was an air mattress and two boxes of Kashi bars. They wouldn't return it to us without US paying the $300, either.

We told them to stick the Kashi and the air mattress somewhere, and Heather bought an air mattress at Canadian Tire or something, for which we paid her when we got there.

We've had similar problems when shipping Christmas presents to Toronto, but have managed to get by without having to ransom stuff. Heather tells us stories about how they look for gift wrap and try to figure out what is expensive so they can charge more. It makes my head swell up thinking about it.

And that is why a lot of manufacturers won't ship there. It isn't you. It's customs.