Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maybe not an Academy Award winner butt...

Just sittin' around with the boy watching movies. He likes blood and gore ones, Chainsaw Massacre, Grind House, that sort of thing. He also likes action movies so we downloaded Universal Soldier, circa 1992. A classic.

This is what I love about Jean-Claude Van Damme movies.

The gratuitous butt shot!

TB: "Not much of an actor is he?"

ME: "Uh, what? Sorry, did he talk in this one?"

This is definately a movie I can get 'behind'.


Anonymous said...

LMAO... mmmm, I dunno. I think it's a body double! (But a good one) snicker!

Evel said...

No way, man. Van Damme does his own stunts...:-)

kelly said...

and he has a nice bum, why shouldn't he? lol