Friday, September 28, 2007


This place is going to be boring as fuck for a while. I am tired as hell when I get home so I usually don't see 9pm. I am up at 5 if I am lucky but most days I wake up before the alarm.

Lenny and Pablo are a riot to travel with. The tall tales from High School seem to be the most popular topics of conversation. As with any group of aging men, they are reminiscing about their youth and these poor schmucks haven't even hit 30 yet.

When I catch up on some sleep, I will give you the highlights.


Yvette said...

But did you kill Wally yet??? I've been waiting anxiously to find out!

Nadine said...

HI.. so .. I thought you were working from home.. when does that start?

Evel said...

I have 5 weeks of training, onsite first.

kell said...