Friday, September 7, 2007

Maybe I can win the lottery?
(Written, but not posted, on 8/25/07)

The most wondrous thing happened to me Thursday night. I will probably not post this until after I find out if I got the job at the Undisclosed Internet Service Provider™, just in case the wrong people read this. (this may or may not make sense later)

So my cousin Potsie and I get early release from work and decide to get a bite to eat on the way home.

It is important to note that Potsie is gay. Not just gay, openly gay. In fact he will throw you in front of a bus just to chat up the cute driver as they bag and tag you. He really doesn't care what team you play for, he figures he can recruit you.

But I digress. We stop at a local pizza joint and I notice my old boss' van out front. "Oh great, just what I need." We didn't exactly part on good terms.

As we walk through the door of the crowded pizzeria, the boss is walking out. He nods at me, "Hello." Very civil. I nod back and mumble a hello. Then he notices Potsie, "Well hello, Potsie!"

Potsie and I stop dead in our tracks, and as the boss walks out the door we say, in unison, "How do you know Boss?" He grins.

"AH HA! I KNEW IT!" Even in the busy pizza joint people stopped and stared. I was bursting with joy, I could hardly contain myself. I could not wait to get out of that place so I could pump Potsie for more information.

Later as Potsie chatted up the boss in the gay chat room, the boss was pretty much shitting a brick. You see, as he was informing Potsie that he was 'very discrete', Potsie dropped the bomb that I was, in fact, his cousin.

Holy shit. I need to buy a lottery ticket. My luck has certainly changed. I can't wait to call him and ask him for a reference.

And another thing...
(Added Today)

Still no word about the news is good news I guess.

Who says that? That is just bullshit. No news is not good news, it fuckin' sucks.


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Stumbled across your blog in a moment of insomnia. Loved this story, all the more sweet given the way your ex-boss gave you your lack of notice.