Sunday, August 19, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 08-19-07
How people found this site. And the ranking. (if I can locate it)

- fuck buddy poughkeepsie (New York) (#4)
- black thing that gets bigger in peripheral vision (Georgia) (#5)
- another meaning for shit (Virginia) (#3)
- gung ho! gift of goose (Texas) (#6)


Shouldn't you be working or studying?

Indiana University (Bloomington)
University Of Miami (Florida)
Watson Wyatt & Company (DC)
Hall Booth Smith & Slover Pc (Atlanta)

Can You See Your House From Here?

HINT: Ever hang out at Uncle Fester's House of Blooze?
Or catch a Hoosiers game?

Well, can you see your house from here? If you can, email me.

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